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A unique way of exploring and healing family dynamics, a method originally developed by Bert Hellinger, a German psychotherapist and former priest.
The purpose of Family Constellations is to uncover the hidden dynamics of your family or relationship in an experiential way. In this way your current feelings can be observed and changed where necessary and undue stress released or reduced. This is a gentle and sensitive method of allowing family or relationship energy to reveal itself through representatives, so that a resolution can unfold. This involves allowing each member of the system to find their rightful place in the group as well as a healthy and respectful connection to each other, hence allowing the natural flow of love in the system.

When is the Family Constellation process appropriate?

If you have already tried therapy but still have your issue it could be that this issue is systemic – a pattern or entanglement coming from your family of origin. The Family Constellation process may help and provide useful information from which a person may make sense of their situation.

Also in Family Constellations the facilitator is required to put aside any of their own assumptions and allow what emerges in the constellation with representatives thus revealing what is necessary for the client and their presenting issue.

Hellinger’s unique method of working with the energy in family systems has spread throughout Europe, America and Asia and more recently Australia.