Great Results

As we approach the close of 2013 we are delighted at the positive responses from participants in the various workshops. 2014 will provide an interesting range of workshops.

Pat Quinn, Director of the Portiuncula Centre

Contact details:

Phone: Pat on 0422 462 678 all hours

Workshops to launch 2014

What an exciting way to begin the year. In January Judy Dawson and Albert Scherrer are presenting “Cultivating Depth and Sacredness in Everyday Life”. This three day workshop provides time and space for journeying deeply, for personal transformation and integration. What a wonderful beginning to the year for those who participate!

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Another interesting workshop

Early February you are invited to join Pat in a one day workshop “Why Weight?” So many of us have struggled with gaining weight – perhaps trying a great range of diets. But what are the deeper issues contributing to this situation? This workshop is not about diet, but rather the underlying factors of which we may be unaware.

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A healing experience

At the beginning of March Judy and Albert are offering the workshop “Love, Loss and Longing – Healing Unresolved Pain”. Sometimes the pain in our present life or in the life of our family of origin remains unhealed and limits our living life more fully. This workshop will explore these areas and provide tools for healing.

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