William Stanfield, Brisbane

[quote_simple author=””]Doing the six month course “Expanding your Personal Potential” has been the most revealing journey of self discovery I have ever had. I started the course feeling anxious and sceptical about the outcome.

I laughed, I cried and to my utmost surprise, I survived! The Port through the wonderful work of Pat Quinn and her highly skilled staff, has awakened the joy of life in me. This was something I had given up hoping for many years ago.

Words will never be able to express the fullness of my gratitude for the wonderful life changing experience in doing this course. Thank you.[/quote_simple]

Registered Nurse, Sunshine Coast

[quote_simple author=””]Personally I have gained insight into long held emotions of grief and loss that have kept me stuck in patterns of relating that haven’t been helpful to my sense of self. I learned to acknowledge and release these; to embrace parts of me that I would previously have denied; and moved towards self acceptance.

Professionally this course has supported me by addressing work related issues through personal growth. It has provided great supervision in a loving supported environment.

The group support as you bond with other people from many walks of life has been amazing.[/quote_simple]

Pastoral Care Worker, Toowoomba

[quote_simple author=””]The six month course,” Expanding your Personal Potential” was an interesting program and unexpected in so many ways. I enjoyed participating in a group of interesting professional people. The wider group of trainee counsellors added even greater diversity and I enjoyed the interaction with them. The course gave me many new ways to understand myself, my interaction with those around me and ways to care for myself as well. This helps me in my day to day work and personal relationships too.

The respect for the spiritual part of individuals and the ability to be a person of faith within a diversified group was great. Infinite respect is an important part of my training and it was also something I felt strongly amongst all the people at The Port. Thanks to all the staff for their care and support.[/quote_simple]

Christine Powell, Veterinarian, Wandoan Qld

[quote_simple author=””]I have just completed the six month course,” Expanding your Personal Potential” at the Port. It has been a life changing experience for me. I was totally unaware that I could actually learn from the heart and not just from the brain. I find this so refreshing and liberating.
I feel that I have changed within myself in ways that I was both unaware of and frightened of. The transition has been from being a person caught and trapped in my own story and needing to share it with others, to a person who yearns to experience somebody else’s story. I have started to learn to be actually present and listen to others. I am looking forward to continuing next year with my participation at the Port.